Chris Burke

ClemensburkeI don’t know the way other guys think about it, but for me, whether we’re playing golf for fun, or playing baseball for a living, to have an opportunity to be in a big situation, to me, that’s where the fun of the game lies.

There are other parts of the game that you can take a lot of pleasure in, whether it be defense or whatever the case might be. But for me, being up to bat with a chance to win the game is the ultimate — regardless of the outcome, because we know it’s such a hard game, and you’re probably not going to succeed. But just to have that chance is something that I look forward to and something that I feel blessed to be in that spot.

My wife is here, and she and I had some moments last night that we’ll always remember from the standpoint that we reflected a lot on how the season’s gone. Today was just a very, very humbling moment.

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    congrats on advancing. That was an awesome homerun that you hit to win the game. I am glad that it was you that it it. I got to meet you at one of the Arizona Fall League games before. I was able to get my picture with you one time.


    WAY TO GO BURKE! Congrats on the big homer! You guys sure made us sweat. But it was all worth it. I had tears in my eyes when you hit that homerun.


    Burkie, we are so proud of you in Knoxville. You are a wonderful representative of the University of Tennessee (the original UT)! We Diamond Vol supporters–especially my son, who is one of your biggest fans–are rooting for you. You were always one of my husband’s favorite athletes to interview.

    Cindy Lundy


    Chris, wow! wow! wow! I’m so happy for you. Your great, great grandchildren will be talking about that shot! You da man!!! I guess you’re now one of the killer bees. Houston is so proud. You seem like a great guy personally. Way to keep humble and confident. Go get those Cards!
    John Pena