Chris Burke

Burkebump200What can you say? It’s kind of fitting that we clinched the NLCS on
the road, after starting the season off as the world’s worst road team
in the history of the game. The irony of this season continues to

I just feel like this team’s been blessed. We’ve got a lot of
guys that are really locked in and grinding right now, and we’re
playing almost above our heads.

I think it speaks volumes about the fact that we’re playing
better offensively than we have all season long, even though we’re
facing the best pitching in the game. It’s just an honor being a part
of this team. We’re just fired up about what’s ahead for us.

I really feel like as gut-wrenching as a loss as it was on
Monday, I don’t think there was a guy in this clubhouse that felt like
we weren’t going to bounce back. I feel like it’s impossible to let
something like that go immediately.

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