Chris Burke

Burke_3Wednesday night was a lot of fun — just the celebration and the
realization that we’ve come back from the heartbreaker in Game 5 and
accomplished our goal. Now we’re moving on one level higher.

It’s great that Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell are able to
finally play in a World Series. It just brings some closure and
finality to the end of their great careers. Obviously they still have
some baseball left in them, but they can at least say they played in
the World Series.

But we’re here to win the thing. We feel like we’re playing our
best ball right now. The way our guys are pitching, we feel like we’ve
got a chance to win it. It’s obviously a big event and there’s kind of
a circus going on right now, but I’m looking foward to everything
narrowing down and getting more focused on baseball.

The night we clinched the NLCS, everyone had their families in
the clubhouse after the game. Having my parents and brother there was
awesome. They just don’t get to see the behind-the-scenes stuff.
There’s so much that you want to share with them, but you just can’t
tell them how it all works.

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