Chris Burke

Ph_429663 This is frustrating, because the White Sox have made more plays than we have, and that’s why they’re up three games. But we feel like we could have easily won all three of these games and we came away with none of them. That’s the frustrating part — we’ve done some things really well, and we haven’t capitalized in all phases of the game.

We’ve come up short each night. It’s kind of tough to handle that we’re now one game away from elimination.

It definitely makes it harder to deal with a loss when you think about all the chances we had to win the game. Pretty good chances. I had a chance to win it and I’m frustrated that I didn’t get it done. We had some chances before that, and after it. It was one of those things where they made the pitches when they needed to, and at the end of the day, we didn’t.

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